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Maplus Waxes & Thermometer

(For larger view of Racing chart , click on image.)

Universal Wax Paraffin (hydrocarbon)
Universal Solid (Cold-Hot)
Universal Solid Fluoro (Cold-Hot)
Universal Granular (Cold-Hot)
Universal Liquid
Universal Spray
Super Glide FluoroWax
Skin & Base Glide Wax
Super Glide Wax-Patterned/Scaled, aka ‘No-Wax’ Ski
Paraffin & Low fluoro products for workshop, ski-rental leisure.

Racing Base Wax Paraffin (hydrocarbon)
Racing Base Solid (Hard-Soft-Hard Graphite-Soft Graphite)
Racing Base Liquid (Hard-Soft-Hard Graphite-Soft Graphite)
High and medium melting point paraffin for saturation and protection of racing ski bases.

P1-Paraffin Wax Paraffin (hydrocarbon)
P1 Spray (Cold-Med-Hot)
P1 Liquid (Cold-Med-Hot)
P1 Solid (Cold-Med-Hot)
Paraffin for training and leisure and racing use in presence of low humidity (0% – 30%)

P2-Low fluoro Wax Paraffin (hydrocarbon)
P2 Spray (Cold-Med-Hot)
P2 Liquid (Cold-Med-Hot)
P2 Solid (Cold-Med-Hot)
P2 (Ice) Powder (Cold)
Low fluoro paraffin for training and leisure, and racing use in presence of low-medium humidity (30% -60%) or as a base before applying perfluorinated waxes P4.

P3-High fluoro Wax Paraffin (hydrocarbon)
P3 Spray (Cold-Med-Hot)
P3 Liquid (Cold-Med-Hot)
P3 Solid (Cold-Med-Hot)
P3 (Ice) Powder (Cold)
High fluoro with additive MBN7 paraffin for racing use in presence of medium-high humidity (60% – 90%) or as a base before applying perfluorinated waxes P4.

P4-Perflourinated Wax
P4 Spray (Cold-Med-Hot)
P4 Powder (Cold-Med-Hot)
P4 Solid (Cold-Med-Hot)
Perfluorinated wax to be applied on top of fluorinated paraffin products for racing use in presence of medium-very high humidity (50 – 100%).

However you wax your boards, be sure to clean the bases very well and pay attention to structuring to reduce suction for better slide, especially in wetter conditions. The Maplus liquids and sprays will achieve a higher level of saturation and durability than hot waxing with solid waxes by simply applying and rubbing in with cork or felt. Saving lots of time and effort, they are easier to apply and control amounts, less or no scraping or brushing is necessary for high performance. For optimal performance, add heat by moving a iron down the ski or snowboard, over a sheet of teflon for further saturation. After at least 10 minutes and the wax has hardened, polish the excess wax with horsehair or nylon brush to expose the structure. When waxing, realize that you are trying to get the wax into the base, not on the base. Scraping and brush polishing removes the excess and exposes the base structure.


-We recommend cleaning the ski or snowboard bases with Maplus detergents and then applying a hot Maplus Racing Base after each race or after preparing the ski or snowboard bases and edges.

-All traces of basic wax must be thoroughly removed before applying racing wax: scrape off the wax and then brush and polish thoroughly.

-If you clean the ski or snowboard bases with a detergent immediately before applying racing wax, we recommend heating the base so the detergent can evaporate completely.

-We recommend the following iron temperatures to melt Maplus ski or snowboard waxes:

-120°C (248°F): Universal;
-130°C (266°F): (Soft – Soft Graphite) Racing Base, (P1-P2-P3) Hot;
-140°C (284°F): (P1-P2-P3) Med;
-150°C (302°F): (P1-P2-P3) Cold;
-160°C (320°F): (Hard – Hard Graphite)Racing Base, P4.

If used improperly, the waxing iron can damage the ski or snowboard construction.


Edge Tuning-So Easy even an Adult Can Do It


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