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Ski & Snowboard Tuning Overview & Checklist
Raw footage of a layout, template locating, marking and drilling test binding mount.
Many binding templates come in two pieces. Here’s how to splice
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Side Edge and Guide Angles

There is confusion on the side edge angles, guides and settings.

Basically the Europeans/International tool manufacturers use the acute angle from the base (needs to be flat) to the face of the side edge while North American manufacturers use the …

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Measuring Ski Edge Bevels

It’s good to quantify the edge geometry on your skis. The REAL ANSWER to ‘what’s the factory spec’ of my X, Y or Z skis question is, MEASURE THEM because variables exist. A case in point is a recent purchase …

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Colorado Ski Resorts Powder Level Cameras

image of Colorado Ski Resorts Powder Level Cameras-Telluride Snow LevelAfter a snow storm it’s always good to find out ‘how much they received’. Here are Colorado Ski Resorts Powder Level Cameras which are periodically updated to see how much has accumulation. Many are date stamped and are cleared at …

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Ski & Snowboard Tuning Overview