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Toko Ski & Snowboard Vise Options

As a general guide there are three main Toko options for Alpine Ski Vises to choose from (and one for Snowboard and Skis).  Here they are with a brief explanation:

Toko Ski Vise World Cup
This is our most popular vise.  It can hold the skis base up for waxing, scraping, and base edge bevel tuning.  It can also hold the skis between 90 degrees (and anywhere down to 60 degrees) for tuning the side edge.  The clamping surface is 70mm long providing a very sold hold on bindings or binding plates and narrower ski side walls.  The jaws open up to 95mm.
Toko Ski Vise Freeride-155mm
For those with very wide skis and who don’t want to clamp the Ski Vise WC to the binding plates, this is a great option.  We have changed the end pieces on this vise to bring the cost down.  The jaws open to a massive 155mm giving the option of fixing skis from the binding plates or the sidewalls.  Also gives the option of 60 and 90 degrees for working on side edges.

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General Shop Setup Tips


Every home tuner needs a decent permanent or portable work area, ski and snowboard securing system and general shop tools and supplies to perform a variety of tasks.With a good set up that works for ones personal needs and budget, tuning, waxing and base prep tasks become easier, quicker and more enjoyable.

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T-Track Tuning & Waxing Bench

Extruded aluminum T-tracks are commonly used by woodcrafters for setting up jigs, guards, stops, router and saw tables and other shop tasks requiring unique clamping capabilities.
The Tools4Boards ski & snowboard vises (Cinch, CordLoc, BoardLoc & Pro 500) which are designed to integrate with the Terminator tuning stand also work great with T-tracks, knobs & T-bolts mounted into a workbench or homemade tuning stand. This is a time saving, highly versatile and unique approach to securing skis and snowboards compared to the conventional system of clamping vises with jaws to a bench or tuning stand to perform base repair, tuning & waxing tasks….even binding mounting and adjusting.

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Clamping Edge Cutting Tools

To provide secure attachments of diamonds, files or stones, to dedicated guides, spring or beveler clamps are necessary. The spring clamp can be quickly squeezed and repositioned while the beveler clamp requires the tightening and loosening of the thumb screw. The beveler clamp fits in the hand nicely while the spring clamp may feel awkward and in the way until you get used it’s shape and you find a comfortable position.

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Tuning Stand Mod: Conventional Vises

Can conventional clamping ski and snowboard vises be mounted to the Terminator tuning stand?

Yes. Not only does the unique extruded rail/beam of the Terminator allow for easy and quick installations of the T4B vises with knobs & bolts or clamps, but any vise can by clamping or adding a conversion block and knob, bolt or cam lock. This method will allow for quicker vise adjustments, utilizing the rail system of the Terminator. The same mod can be used for T-Track tuning and waxing benches or tables.

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Fiberlene or Shop Towels?……or Both?

Fiberlene (or lint free) towels are excellent for removing dirt and old wax after using wax remover to clean the base or absorbing wax and dirt in base when placed between iron and base. It is also can be used as a final polisher and cleaner after waxing and scraping because of it’s slight abrasiveness.

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The Cinch Ski & Snowboard Vise

The Cinch Ski & Snowboard Vise is the most versatile board securing device on the market. No longer do you need to be concerned with side clamping problems relative to various shaped sidewalls and widths of skis (ie, fat skis) or snowboards. You can also secure multiple skis to streamline waxing, cleaning and repair tasks. Though designed to integrate with the Tools4Boards Terminator portable tuning stand, they can be mounted with their included clamps to virtually any typical bench or table.

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News: Terminator Tuning Stands Ship

After much anticipation, The Tools4Boards Terminator ski & snowboard portable tuning stands are heading our way.

Made from anodized, extruded aluminum rails and modular system for easy sliding and adjustments of T4B (with included knobs) and other vises. With foldable tube steel legs for easy transport & storage. Makes vise location adjustments fast and convenient on a solid, lightweight, foldable, and transportable base. Move around the house, shop, take on trips or get optimal flexibility and efficiency for final waxing and fine tuning at the start line!

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Ski & Snowboard Tuning Overview


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