Wax Charts: Briko-Maplus, Toko & Purl

Briko-Maplus Racing Wax Chart-Aggressive snowsBriko-Maplus Racing Wax Chart-Non Aggressive snows
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Check out the Briko-Maplus Waxing Manual for great waxing tips from recreational skiing to elite racer.

Wax less, Glide faster and longer with Briko-Maplus.  Holder of the World Speed Record.Briko-Maplus is the leading Italian wax manufacturer working directly with prof. Gianpaolo Gambaretto of Padua University who developed CERA F for Enichem in 1984 and is on the cutting-edge of fluorinated and perfluorinated wax development. Briko-Maplus provides a complete alpine, snowboard and nordic World Cup winning line of wax and tuning tools to a global market. The high-melt paraffins used in Briko-Maplus wax provides a more durable/longer lasting wax per application. This translates to more time with excellent glide while using less material, cost and time. The Briko-Maplus base Preparation and Saturation waxes are second to none.

At Purl Wax, we move fast.  From a company perspective that means constant innovation.  All of our waxes are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.  We manufacture pure, clean ski and snowboard waxes with superior speed and durability.  No fluoros.  No toxic chemicals.  No hype.

Our goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to  eco-friendly ski waxes with a full range of performance driven products. Made in Colorado.

  • 100% biodegradable
  • PFC free
  • No fluoros
  • No toxic chemicals
  • No hype

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Purl Waxing Tips:

  • Purple All Temp:  In colder conditions run the blue cold temperature ski wax along your edges and the purple all temperature ski wax down the center.
  • Blue Cold Weather: For typical winter conditions, blend this cold ski wax with the purple all temperature ski wax and you will be amazed.
  • Yellow Warm: We recommend blending the spring ski wax with our all temperature ski wax when the temperature is between 24º – 30º. Above 28º we recommend adding graphite ski wax as a rub-on to repel contaminates.
  • Black Graphite:  This wax is designed to overcome static friction that is encountered in cold dry snow. Rub the graphite in on top of our green sub-zero ski wax for optimum ski glide in severe cold conditions.  OR, on the opposite end of the spectrum, this graphite ski wax can also be used to repel wax contaminants found in spring slush snow. Blend the graphite with our yellow spring ski for the best results.
    • A great way to get an even distribution of the graphite wax across your base is to crayon it in. Take the bar of wax, no iron, and rub it across the entire surface of your base. After that you can iron and scrape as usual or if you have a cork, you can cork it in and brush it out.

For a quick base repair fix for shallow base scratches, gouges and to moderate aggressive structure if the weather turns cold, try applying a little of the super hard Green Sub-Zero. After scraping don’t brush all of it out of the scratches, gouges and aggressive structure. Check out our Tuning Tips on Light Hot Scraping to reduce scraping after the wax cools.

Iron Temperature:

When hot waxing skis or snowboards the temperature of the iron should be as cool as possible …..but warm enough so that the wax drips on easily.  You do not want the iron so hot that smoking occurs.  Iron temperature settings vary from one iron manufacturer to the other so some experimenting with your iron to find the right setting for each type of wax is necessary.  The guide that we use with our Purl iron is between 210 F  (110 C)  for warm spring wax and up to 270 F  (133 C) for our sub zero wax. See our Tuning Tips on Efficient Waxing to reduce waste, time and energy.

Toko Alpine, Nordic, Snowboard, Telemark and Backcountry Wax and Tools offers a superb combination of simplicity and performance. The Express Wax line is made up of liquid, paste, and rub-on waxes to satisfy the recreational skier who wants to keep the boards running and preserve his bases. The paraffin based waxes (iron-on) consist of just three colors designating appropriate snow conditions (Yellow, Red, and Blue).

Toko Racing Wax Chart 2013-14             

Toko Racing Wax Chart          Toko Wax & Tuning Manual

The wax chart recommends the right wax mixture for the conditions. As a special tip, there are a number of alternatives that have often proved to be the fast option compared to the standard recommendation in the Alpine and Nordic World Cup. The products can be mixed together as required and matched exactly to the prevailing snow conditions. There are 3 further special products that can be mixed in as well: Black, AX134 and X-Cold Powder. Check out the Toko Waxing and Tuning manual for excellent tips and more discussion on waxing

Despite this simplicity, Toko waxes are relied on heavily at World Cup and Olympic events by ski powerhouse countries such as Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Finland, and the United States. The Toko Tools cater to the demands of the skier and snowboarder. Toko offers value priced edge tuning tools as well as tuning tools of the highest precision.