NOTE: UPS is now becoming more competitive for both domestic and International shipping vs USPS, depending on weight and shipping address. Global Post may be the best value/timeframes for Canadian & International orders.

While the rates keep rising at an accelerating rate, this is evolving and may change. Also, the time frames internationally can be greatly reducing shipping internationally with Global Post or UPS. Shipments have been arriving in less than a week. We will ship either Global Post, USPS or UPS, depending on the best rate we can get with shortest time frames.

Contact us for an shipping quotes, even for small orders.

For Canadian orders via Global Post Plus (not Global Post Economy or International), we are charged duty/sales tax relative to your Province and may need to ask for additional payment a month after your order to cover unanticipated charges not included in shipping charge. If there are shipping overages, we will refund them.

Here is a Canadian Duty/Sales Tax calculator.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is our primary shipper within the US. For Domestic shipping costs and USPS internationally, we use a price based shipping method that is estimated in the shopping cart that reduces, the more you purchase. Spreading shipping cost over more products reduces shipping cost per item. Consider adding items to an order to add to your overall savings.

Orders usually ship the same day if it is placed before 11 AM, MTS. Otherwise the next business day or most Saturdays for USPS. Some items may ship from one of our suppliers or drop shippers and will ship per their shipper and time frame.

For US Orders:

(See note at top) SlideWright ships domestically with an $10 Flat shipping and handling via USPS Priority Mail, Ground Advantage. For orders over $149 the shipping is FREE for USPS shipping. (U.N.O.= Unless Noted Otherwise as Free Shipping exempt).  For small orders, consider adding items you will need, to spread the shipping cost over more items. With substantially rising shipping costs, these policies are becoming more necessary for all small businesses.

Within the continental United States shipments tend to arrive in three to four business days, including Saturdays after they are shipped.

For International Orders:

(See note at top) SlideWright ships globally via USPS Global Priority, Global Post or UPS. If you can allow more time, lower cost 1st Class for small items are an option upon request. After setting up a Customer Account (with shipping address), add desired items to your cart or a Wish List and then contacting us, provides an excellent method to provide accurate shipping costs for your items. The store shipping estimator charges an average shipping cost relative to our large range of items, costs and weights and may not necessarily be accurate relative to the items in your cart.

The store shipping estimator cannot differentiate between small vs larger items or light vs heavier items AND determine in which Shipping Box size they will fit AND changing costs by country. Therefore, each international order is reviewed relative to the weight based, USPS International Postage Calculator for current USPS rates. We will reimburse shipping overages when possible to your customer account. For large and heavier items it may be necessary to request additional payment to help cover most of any excessive shipping costs to us from the shipping company.

Please provide accurate contact information, including phone number to assure the most efficient delivery rate possible. If you have questions, please contact us.

Customs forms will be filled out as Merchandise and actual purchase amounts less discounts and from their originating countries.

Additional Shipping Information:

All liquids, including and not limited to waxes, cleaners and epoxies ship ground in the US only. Epoxy packets and small items excepted at our discretion. Ground shipments usually arrive within 6 business days.

We have no control over any fluctuating costs, delivery time frames that may occur without notice and their tracking systems.

For large and heavier items it may be necessary at our discretion to request additional payment for excessive shipping costs to us from the shipping company or choose a lower class shipping option, especially for free shipping orders.

Use our Client Account and Order Status systems (see top right of page header) to keep track of your shipment.

We are not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen items delivered by the shipper. Once it is properly packaged and shipped, we have no control on what happens to the package. Contact us and we will try to reach a compromise on a case by case basis if something unfortunate occurs during shipping.

2 Replies to “Free Shipping”

  1. Hi, I was in the process of ordering 2 of your Metal Grip Wire (1 black 1 clear) and it came up with $60 worth of shipping costs.

    Just inquiring if you have any cheaper options, given the size of the order.



  2. Hi Mark,
    As noted, we can send items 1st Class International. The process requires purchasing items needed including the shipping cost calculated by the store. After processing the order, we will refund the difference in the shipping cost charged less $5 vs the real 1st Class International shipping cost charged by the US Postal Service. In your case the cost will be $14 for shipping.

    Also, it is highly recommended that you make sure that there aren’t more items you will eventually need to be included in the shipment. This spreads the shipping cost over more items and saves that cost for the long run.

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