Tuning Stand Mod: Conventional Vises

Can conventional clamping ski and snowboard vises be mounted to the Terminator tuning stand?

Yes. Not only does the unique extruded rail/beam of the Terminator allow for easy and quick installations of the T4B vises with knobs & bolts or clamps, but any vise can by clamping or adding a conversion block and knob, bolt or cam lock. This method will allow for quicker vise adjustments, utilizing the rail system of the Terminator. The same mod can be used for T-Track tuning and waxing benches or tables.

Another great feature of the Terminator tuning stand is it’s ability to be customized for limitless other accessories, made from a variety of materials and can be used for other tasks beside tuning ski and snowboards. The extruded rail allows for easy attachments of accessories using conventional hex bolts, cam locks and other fasteners and clamps.

One of easy modification is to add blocks with knobs to allow for easy integration of conventional vises. This maximizes the use of the rail for quick installation of the vises if the stand is used as a portable or taken to and from a storage location to safe room. It also allows for quick positioning of the vises if tuning different length or types of skis or snowboards.

This example shows a maple block with a few saw pass through a table saw to allow the block to seat, lock & slide in the top trough. The knobs are easily attached by 3/8” hex bolts feed in the ends and through holes in the blocks.