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Uncertainty related to COVID. Due to the pandemic, proposed restrictions and other factors, we are keeping our inventory low, but able to order most anything, given enough time , support from our customers and the item(s) are available from our suppliers. If an item is not in stock, please go ahead and back order the item(s). We will let you know when we should receive the item (s). If it is unavailable from our supplier, we will provide a refund. Patience and understanding will be required by all as we safely navigate this pandemic. PLEASE! Stay safe and respectful of others!

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Tools4Boards Switch Rig Side & Base Edge Guide, SideWall Trimmer & Scraper Sharpener

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Pièce de résistance: File guide, sidewall cutter, base edge beveler and scraper sharpener, all reimagined in a single tool. Switch Rig is 7 tools in 1 replacing 2 fixed angle file guides, 3 fixed angle base bevelers, 1 sidewall cutter and 1 scraper sharpener.

  • Take down just enough sidewall to expose more metal edge for filing, then simply rotate tool 180º to sharpen and hone the side edge at either 2° or 3°.
  • 0° angle bar surface provides convenient fence to sharpen plexi scrapers.
  • To switch between 2° and 3° simply detach angle bar from wear plate, rotate 180º then re-attach, no need for multiple fixed angle guides.
  • Trash the expensive carbide cutters that tear away too much sidewall compromising structural integrity or chatter down the length of your ski or snowboard edge causing impossible to remove "washboard".
  • The 7° angle bar perfectly positions a file to readily trim sidewall while missing the metal edge typically set at 2° or 3°.
  • Place the coarse side of a Tools4Boards Combi-Cut or panzer file (sold separately) on the outwardly facing 7° angle bar surface and draw the tool down the sidewall using light pressure.
  • Multiple file teeth in contact with the sidewall prevent the file blade from digging in. Minimizing sidewall removal maintains necessary support for the metal edge and greatly extends the life of your ski or snowboard.
  • Remove one wear plate and place Rig on base surface with delrin pads contacting the cutting surface of the edge to bevel the base edge at .5°, .75° or 1°.
  • To switch from sidewall trimmer to plexi scraper sharpener, simply detach angle bar from wear plate, rotate 180º then re-attach so the 0° surface is outwardly facing. Place a sheet of 180 grit sandpaper (sold separately) on a flat surface underneath wear plate and slide plexi scraper back and forth using 0° surface as a fence.

 ·      We start with thick surgical grade stainless steel wear plates and shim for unprecedented durability.

 ·       Add modular 2°+3° and 0°+7°  angle bars precision milled from aircraft grade aluminum, sand blasted and anodized to 15 microns for military spec. accuracy.

 ·       Durable laser etched angle number markings. 

 ·       Open areas around wear plates and shim allow sidewall debris and edge filings to fall away from base.

 ·       Disc positon indicators (+ symbols) on angle bars provide quick and easy alignment of new Tools4Boards Puck diamond discs maximizing disc cutting and polishing efficiency.

·       Wear plate screw ports allow mounting of 4°+ 5° angular bar (available but sold separately).

Compatible with all interchangeable Switch system components. Domesic and foreign patents filed and pending.

Manufacturer Tools4Boards
List Price: $199.00

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Price: $179.89
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