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Tools4Boards BUFF Oval Horsehair Waxing Brush

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German-made Tools4Boards Buff Oval brushes are the highest quality professional brushes available made using only German beech wood and premium bristle materials. Buff Oval Horsehair is ideal middle brush for freeing up the base structure after ironing, scraping and a few passes with a brass brush, or to set up fluoro powder into the base after scraping.

0.15mm bristle diameter, 7mm bristle length, dim: 21cm x 9.5cm with adjustable velcro strap fastened with high strength staples.

All Tools4Boards Buff brushes feature a natural beeswax finish instead of paint to reduce the impact of the prodcution process on the environment.

Brushes should be used in one direction (shovel to tail) to open the base structure, assist in cleaning the base and prepare the base for optimal wax absorption. For best results 4 different brushes should be used:

1) steel to open base structure, 2) brass before waxing and immediately after scraping wax from the base, 3) horsehair as the middle brush after scraping, and finally 4) nylon to polish the base. For best results do not use the same brush applying paraffin (a.k.a. hydrocarbon) waxes that will be used when applying flouro waxes, use one brush for paraffin and another dedicated brush to apply flouro.

Product ID TBO001
Manufacturer Tools4Boards
Price: $33.67
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