Toko Ski & Snowboard Vise Options

As a general guide there are three main Toko options for Alpine Ski Vises to choose from (and one for Snowboard and Skis).  Here they are with a brief explanation:

Toko Ski Vise World Cup
This is our most popular vise.  It can hold the skis base up for waxing, scraping, and base edge bevel tuning.  It can also hold the skis between 90 degrees (and anywhere down to 60 degrees) for tuning the side edge.  The clamping surface is 70mm long providing a very sold hold on bindings or binding plates and narrower ski side walls.  The jaws open up to 95mm.
Toko Ski Vise Freeride-155mm
For those with very wide skis and who don’t want to clamp the Ski Vise WC to the binding plates, this is a great option.  We have changed the end pieces on this vise to bring the cost down.  The jaws open to a massive 155mm giving the option of fixing skis from the binding plates or the sidewalls.  Also gives the option of 60 and 90 degrees for working on side edges.


Toko Ski Vise Express

This vise doesn’t “fix” the skis down per say, but still allows for a decent surface for waxing, scraping, and tuning skis.  If the vises are placed far enough apart and the top sheets are dry, friction from the high-grip rubber pads keeps the ski still and stable enough for some decent work.  This vise is perfect for anyone who wants a basic set up for hot waxing and tuning but doesn’t want to spring for a Ski Vise WC or Freeride.


Toko Board Grip
Friction from high-grip rubber pads against the snowboard or ski top sheet hold the snowboard or a pair of skis fast when working on the base.  The snowboard or ski can be fixed vertically when working on side edges.  Adjustable widths.




(Reprinted and edited from Toko eBlast.)

Updated links 8/29/13