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Toko (Red Creek) Roto Brush Kit 10cm-Brass

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Get the speed & convenience Briko-Maplus Quick Grip handle combined w/Toko (Red Creek) Roto brushes, Includes:

  • Toko-Red Creek 10cm rotary handle with universal 10mm hex shaft
  • Toko or Briko-Maplus (Red Creek) Brass, Nylon and Horsehair 10cm Roto Brushes
  • Mounts in any standard drill chuck
  • Buy the complete kit and save! Ideal size for all skis and snowboards.

Always wear eye protection when operating roto brushes.Why wear yourself out when you can let your drill do the work in 1/10th the time of hand brushing?


User Guide For Toko-Red Creek Rotating (Roto) Brushes



To protect the eyes we recommend the use of protective glasses whenever working with rotating brushes. Make sure no one is standing close to the drill without eye protection.

With the exception of the brass and horsehair brushes having a rotating speed of approx. 800 per minute -the normal working speed is between 2500 and 3000 rpm without using any pressure on the rotating brushes. 

Brushing out like professionals:

Before waxing:
Brass brush: To be used before waxing for the pre-cleaning of the ski base. The recommended rotating speed is approx. 800 per minute. Please work only with single shaft with plexi hood without using any pressure.

- After drawing (scraping) off the wax layer using the acrylic glass blade (plexi-scraper):

First step: Remaining wax is brushed out of the base using the horsehair brush. This gives the base a matte surface whereby wax-residues remain at the depth of the base structures.

Second step: The remaining wax of the base structure is brushed out using the nylon brush until no wax particles are visible anymore. Now the base has to be polished for getting a perfect High-Glass finish.

The black nylon brush is especially suitable for polishing with optimum finish for all waxes. Can be used as a universal brush.

Manufacturer Toko
List Price: $269.99

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Price: $239.99
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