The Cinch Ski & Snowboard Vise

The Cinch Ski & Snowboard Vise is the most versatile board securing device on the market. No longer do you need to be concerned with side clamping problems relative to various shaped sidewalls and widths of skis (ie, fat skis) or snowboards. You can also secure multiple skis to streamline waxing, cleaning and repair tasks. Though designed to integrate with the Tools4Boards Terminator portable tuning stand, they can be mounted with their included clamps to virtually any typical bench or table.

Additionally, the vise can be clamped or bolted with knobs variety of work surface for easy repositioning in line with the board or rotated from inline to perpendicular.

The lasso clamp coupled with the skidproof board supports will provide years of easy and quick fastening of your boards to expedite accurate tuning, repair and waxing tasks. They also offer enough friction to perform many tasks without securing the ski or snowboard with the lasso clamp.

Your ‘one-size-fits all’ solution for securing all skis (including wide skis) and snowboards. The Cinch vise with included Lasso Clamp can conform to any binding type and secure any ski (including alpine, AT, Telemark, XC/Classic /Touring, NNN/SNS & skate), along with snowboards and splitboards.

There is also a side lever clamp for side edge work on snowboards and fat skis if the pad and clips aren’t enough.

Please check out a review by Lou Dawson at Wildsnow Backcountry Skiing blog and a unique method of using the mounting versatility of the Cinch.