T-Track Tuning & Waxing Bench

Extruded aluminum T-tracks are commonly used by woodcrafters for setting up jigs, guards, stops, router and saw tables and other shop tasks requiring unique clamping capabilities.
The Tools4Boards ski & snowboard vises (Cinch, CordLoc, BoardLoc & Pro 500) which are designed to integrate with the Terminator tuning stand also work great with T-tracks, knobs & T-bolts mounted into a workbench or homemade tuning stand. This is a time saving, highly versatile and unique approach to securing skis and snowboards compared to the conventional system of clamping vises with jaws to a bench or tuning stand to perform base repair, tuning & waxing tasks….even binding mounting and adjusting.

Probably the minimum length of T-track needed is around 4’. Less can be used if used in strategic locations relative to the lengths of skis and snowboards to be maintained. The Cinch, CordLoc & BoardLoc vises have a 3/8” diameter hole in their base. One option is to bolt one vise support to the bench and place the other in a 2 or 3’ foot section of track. Ideally, a 5 or 6’ T-track allows maximum flexibility.

A groove can be cut or routed into a bench top as long as it is well supported and thick enough for the track and necessary screws. A strong epoxy can also be used to permanently attache the track to the bench. Building up on top of an existing bench to just above the thickness of the track is another method of installing T-track.

The most common T-tracks accept either 5/16” or 1/4” T-bolts or modified hex bolts. A modified 3/8” bolt can also be used. Since the 3/8” hole in the vise bases are 3/8”, we feel the 1/4” bolt allows a little to much ‘play’, but is workable. The 5/16” is probably the best size since there are many accessory options available, along with track, bolt & knob availability. The best length bolt is 1 inch to fit the Cinch, CordLoc & BoardLoc vise bases. The low profile knobs we carry are the only ones we’ve found that will fit the vise bases and quickly secure or loosen to adjust location and orientation of the support base.

Once installed, the T-track and Tools4Boards vise system will provide a quick and secure method to help you take care of your boards.

For another description of installing a T-track in a door used for a bench top, please visit WildSnow.com Backcountry skiing blog and website by Lou Dawson.

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