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North American Maplus distributor Innovation Inc. was founded in 1991 by Rick Weissenborn to develop the Pro 500 Ski Vise, a product designed to hold new ski constructions better than existing conventional ski vises. The commercial success of this invention inspired Rick to develop and produce what is now a suite of well recognized ski and snowboard vises, tuning tools and stands sold through large reputable snowsport brands.
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Tools4Boards SWITCH ACE Base Bevel Guide-0.5°-1.5°
1 of 2

List Price: $99.00

You save $10.00
Tools4Boards SPIN 5pc. Brass + Horsehair + Nylon 115mm Roto Brush Kit

List Price: $309.00

You save $19.01
Tools4Boards Switch 2°+3° Side Edge Guide
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List Price: $79.00

You save $4.51
Tools4Boards Switch Cut Side Edge Guide, SideWall Trimmer & Scraper Sharpener
1 of 16

List Price: $119.00

You save $2.11
Tools4Boards Switch Rig Side & Base Edge Guide, SideWall Trimmer & Scraper Sharpener
1 of 5

List Price: $199.00

You save $19.11
Tools4Boards PUCK Swiss Diamond Stone Disc 100 Grit X-Coarse

List Price: $39.98

You save $1.19
Tools4Boards PUCK Swiss Diamond Stone Disc 1000 Grit X-Fine

List Price: $31.28

You save $0.89
Tools4Boards PUCK Swiss Diamond Stone Disc 200 Grit Coarse

List Price: $34.51

You save $1.02
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