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A clear advantage to carrying an array of tools and supplies from our quality suppliers is the ability to cherry pick tools and supplies for combinations and kits. By experimenting with various tools, materials, waxes and other supplies, we can become biased towards our favorites or find tools or items that we fell will best serve our customers. Often they aren't the most well known or popular but we trust you will benefit by checking out our kits and combinations and little known tools we have discovered.

Additionally, we put together combinations and kits that seem to fill often requested items or trends by our customers from over the past decade.

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SlideWright Wood Ski Centering Tool & Calipers
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SlideWright High Edge File Base Flattener Bottom
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SlideWright-Complete 5mm SS Threaded Insert Kit-Guide & Inserts

List Price: $239.29

You save $89.30
SlideWright Base Repair Welding Iron Kit

List Price: $109.59

You save $10.70
Skivisions Ski File Base Flattener
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SlideWright Alpine, Telemark, XC Binding Screw Installation KIt

List Price: $43.24

You save $5.75
SlideWright 5mm Stainless Steel Threaded Insert Installation Kit2
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List Price: $43.24

You save $5.75
Magnetic Bit Holder-1/4" Hex Driver -125mm
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