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Wax less, Glide faster and longer with Briko-Maplus.  Holder of the World Speed Record.

Briko-Maplus is the leading Italian wax manufacturer working directly with prof. Gianpaolo Gambaretto of Padua University who developed CERA F for Enichem in 1984 and is on the cutting-edge of fluorinated and perfluorinated wax development. Briko-Maplus provides a complete alpine, snowboard and nordic World Cup winning line of wax and tuning tools to a global market. The high-melt paraffins used in Briko-Maplus wax provides a more durable/longer lasting wax per application. This translates to more time with excellent glide while using less material, cost and time. The Briko-Maplus base Preparation and Saturation waxes are second to none.

Check out the Briko-Maplus Waxing Manual for great waxing tips from recreational skiing to elite racer.

Briko-Maplus Racing Wax Chart-Aggressive snowsBriko-Maplus Racing Wax Chart-Non Aggressive snows
(Click on Aggressive or Not Aggressive Snow Racing Wax Chart to expand)

For the entire Briko-Maplus product line, see the 2014-15 Briko-Maplus Wax and Tool catalog. We can order most anything found in the catalog. If it's not already listed in our store, please contact us for ordering.


» Briko-Maplus Wax and Tuning Tools
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Briko-Maplus Solid Racing Base-Medium Universal-Protection Wax-250 gr

List Price: $45.00

You save $5.01
Briko-Maplus Compact Cork/Nylon Brush 70 X 50 X 35mm
Discounts Apply !
40% Off Sale Item!

List Price: $16.50

You save $2.56
Briko-Maplus Hard Chrome Viala Race File 150mm-Coarse

List Price: $16.38

You save $1.39
Briko-Maplus Cotton Apron
Discounts Apply !
20% Off Sale item!

Briko-Maplus Water Bottle Holder & Bottle
Discounts Apply !
30% Off Sale Item!

List Price: $18.04

You save $4.69
Briko-Maplus Hard Chrome Super Coarse File-200mm/8in

List Price: $29.12

You save $2.13
Briko-Maplus ProRS IceCut file no-chrome 100mm-coarse cut (10Z/cm)
Discounts Apply !
20% Off Sale item!

List Price: $28.00

You save $4.09
Briko-Maplus High Density Natural Cork

List Price: $6.50

You save $1.20
Briko-Maplus Synthetic Cork  70 X 50 X 35mm
Discounts Apply !
40% Off Sale Item!

List Price: $8.00

You save $1.52
Briko-Maplus Steel Oval Ski & Snowboard Brush
1 of 2
Discounts Apply !
20% Off Sale item!

List Price: $100.00

You save $17.67
Briko-Maplus Standard Thermometer
Discounts Apply !
40% Off Sale Item!

List Price: $17.11

You save $6.99
Briko-Maplus Klister Blue Universal K80-60 grams
Discounts Apply !
75% Off Clearance Sale Item!

List Price: $14.30

You save $6.30
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