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Skivisions Ski Sharp Edge Tuning Tool

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The Ski Sharp is a complex, multi-adjustable device, disguised as a simple, user friendly tool.  Its purpose is to give superb edge tuning results without requiring sophisticated edge tuning knowledge or skills; the tool itself provides the sophistication.The SkiSharp comes with a pair of files, Tuning Stick & cleaning brush. Order stones and skiver separately.

The Ski Sharp's effectiveness is a combination of design (it works on both the side and base edge simultaneously) and the inserts (files, stones of different materials for different purposes and many grits, and carbides) to give the desired edge sharpness and polish.

The Tuning Stick, which comes with the Ski Sharp, lets the novice or the expert precisely analyze the condition of the edges before tuning, the progress during tuning, and the sharpness and polish of the edge  desired at completion.

Stone Choices:

Coarse/Cutting Green Stones.  The green stones are aggressive silicon carbide stones that love to eat hard metal.  THEY ARE NOT POLISHING STONES.  They have very specific purposes.

NEW SKIS.  See the index regarding tuning new skis. These stones are for working edges that have been hardened at the ski factory from misuse of the tuning equipment. HARD SNOW. When you want your edges sharper than you are getting with the 180 grit ruby stones but you don’t want to go to the extra steps involved with going to the files and subsequent polishing routines.  The finish we like for hard snow is sharpen with the green stones, polish with the ruby ceramic stones, and that is it, this combination works great!

Fine/Polishing Stones.  The purpose of polishing stones is to allow you to polish your edges to a finer finish and to remove any traces of burr. (NOTE. The Fine Polishing Stones are back to pink after a short stint of being green. ;-) )

We have consolidated the ENTIRE polishing process into one stone, our new ruby ceramic stones, and have thereby eliminated the need for progressive stone grit polishing.  They are incredibly effective at accomplishing the entire spectrum of polish and burr removal in a single stone.  We love simplicity, these stones get us there.

Click here for full instructions.

The Ski Visions Tools move fast. If out of stock get in the queue and order via our Back Order system and we will ship your ASAP when we receive more. Ususally a week or less.

Manufacturer SkiVisions
Price: $64.49
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