SkiMan SideWall Sharp Planer Information

SkiMan SideWall Sharp Planer InstructionsPurchase Ski & Snowboard Sidewall Planers here.

  • Ergonomic sidewall planer
  • Easy handling, steady grip, maximum  accuracy
  • Best results, minimum  effort
  • Adjustable  blade position and cutting  depth
  • Right and left hand  use
  • For ski and snowboard
  • SkiMan SideWall Sharp Planer Instructions

For Recreational, Snowsports Pros and Racers

The   use    of   the    sidewall    planer is   essential  to   remove   excess   of material  which may compromise  the file cutting  and  make  it  difficult  to obtain  the right angle.

It is necessary to use this tool before filing,  so  that  the  file  can  make  a precise  work on the edges.

Ski or Snowboard sidewall:

  • remove before filing
  • titanium blade steel
  • edge base
  • ski or snowboard  body