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Ski Mender RP105 Base Repair Pistol

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Perform quick and easy base repairs with our new light duty base repair gun and 12mm x 200mm (½″ x 8″) welding rods/sticks.

  • Plug in and leave this lightweight welding gun in it's metal stand for 20-25 minutes for the 227 degree C (440 degree F) heating element to melt the welding rod.
  • First rough up and clean the repair area.
  • Use the pistol tip to preheat the base repair area.
  • Squeeze the trigger and the heated tip will extrude and smear the liquefied material into small gouges and repair areas.
  • Let cool, harden then remove excess with a panzer, body or coarse file, sharp scraper or skiver, followed by light sanding and fiber pad, for long lasting repairs. Note: some suggest let cool over night.
  • Additionally, use the fully heated tip as a soldering iron for metal grip or other repair materials. like repair ribbon, aside from the 11mm welding rods.
  • 110-240V & 20-400W(electronically self regulating)
  • See more info in our Tuning Tips/Bases.
  • Comes with (4) clear welding sticks, 100mm (3 13/16") long.
  • Order additional 12mm x 186mm Base Bonder Sticks, NOT 8mm ptex sticks.

Check out the RP105 video in our Tuning Tips & Information section.

Product ID PA-SMRP105
Manufacturer Power Adhesives
Price: $84.79
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