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Universal Solid Glide Ski Wax (alpine, BC and nordic) and Snowboard Wax

provides the ease of a broad range of performance level for the recreational and many performance minded sliders, riders, XC/BC tourers and skate skiers who wish to keep their waxing routines simple, yet effect. Remeber that after hot waxing solid waxes, that scraping and brushing to free the base structure are important steps to optimize your glide with just a little more effort and time.

» Solid Universal Glide Wax
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Purl PRO Purple All Temp Ski & Snowboard Wax-68g
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Maplus Solid Racing Base-Medium Universal-Protection Wax-250 gr

List Price: $45.00

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Purl Purple All-Temp-Universal Eco Speed Wax-1lb
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Purl Yellow Warm Eco Speed Wax-1lb
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