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Base Prep & Saturation Wax
Racing Base Solid (Hard-Soft-Hard Graphite-Soft Graphite) Racing Base Liquid (Hard-Soft-Hard Graphite-Soft Graphite) High and medium melting point paraffin for saturation and protection of racing ski bases. Ideal as an initial base prep wax or as a first wax after stonegrinding base. High quality, high melt point paraffin that is economial as a first layer before applying condition specific wax.
Hydrocarbon (Paraffin) Performance Wax

Maplus BP1 paraffin wax is formulated for optimal performance in 3 temperature ranges: Cold (-22° to -8° C), Med (-9° to -2° C) and Hot (-3° to 0° C). Available in solid, liquid and spray. Ideal for training, leisure, performance and racing! Maplus works directly with prof. Gianpaolo Gambaretto of Padua University in Italy who developed CERA F for Enichem in 1984 and is on the cutting edge of fluorinated and perfluorinated wax development, especially in spray and liquid form that is easy to apply. Maplus wax utilizes very hard high melt-point paraffin with high resistence to abrasion, low surface tension and low friction co-efficient.

Wax Irons
A ski or snowboard specific iron with temperature control and shaped base plates with heat retention characteristics will expedite your hot waxing jobs.
Wax and Base Scrapers
A sharp scraper makes your wax and base repair tasks more efficient and produces best results. By scraping off excess wax followed by brushing to free the structure, you can get the most out of your glide waxes for optimal glide and turning ease. Steel scrapers are also a must for any tuning kit for base repair. flattening and structuring jobs. Sometimes light scraping with a steel scraper (versus a plastic wax scraper) is useful with super hard (cold) waxes.
Roto Brushes, Corks, Felts and Handles

Roto brushes can expedite the wax brushing process up to ten fold after scraping. Maintaining the structure of the ski or snowboard base is a major factor affecting glide. If the brushing step after scraping wax is omitted, suction or drag may occur.

Oval Brushes

Oval waxing brushes are excellent tools for freeing the base structure. Maintaining the structure of the ski or snowboard base is a major factor affecting glide. If the brushing step after scraping wax is omitted, suction or drag may occur.

Rectangular Brushes

Rectangular, aka 'Travel', waxing brushes are more compact than Oval waxing brushes for traveling, tight spaces or lower cost for freeing the base structure. Maintaining the structure of the ski or snowboard base is a major factor affecting glide. If the brushing step after scraping wax is omitted, suction or drag may occur.

Wax Remover and Base Cleaners
Clean bases for better repair jobs and wax adhesion with citrus bases or liquid detergent that removes all traces of paraffin and fluorinated paraffin. Fluorclean Liquid detergent that removes all traces of perfluorinated wax. Also, good for cleaning tools.
Low Fluoro Ski and Snowboard Performance Wax

P2-S Spray (Cold-Med-Hot) P2-L Liquid (Cold-Med-Hot) P2-C Solid (Cold-Med-Hot) P2-P Powder (Cold-Med-Hot) Low fluoro paraffin for training and leisure, and racing use in presence of low-medium humidty (30% -60%) or as a base before applying perfluorinated waxes P4. Ideal for training, leisure, performance and racing!

Solid Universal Glide Wax

Universal Solid Glide Ski Wax (alpine and nordic) and Snowboard Wax provides the ease of a broad range of performance level for the recreational and many performance minded sliders, riders, XC/BC tourers and skate skiers who wish to keep their waxing routines simple, yet effect. Remeber that after hot waxing solid waxes, that scraping and brushing to free the base structure are important steps to optimize your glide with just a little more effort and time.

Rub On and Paste Universal Glide Wax
For quick and easy ski and snowboard wax applications, solid rub-ons and pastes/cream provide excellent short term performance with little effort.
Spray and Liquid Universal Glide Wax
Spray and liquid waxes are excellent options for quick applications and for times when hot waxing isn't convenient. XC pattern based 'no-wax' skis will benefit from occassional cleaning and liquid or spray waxing to minimize ice build-up, clumping and improved glide. Due to the ability of the liquid wax to better saturate amorphous ski and snowboard bases, by adding heat in the form of ironing over a teflon sheet or hot boxing, the durability of higher grade, high-melt parafins can outlast that of hot waxed solids with far less effort and time.
Waxing Corks and Felts
Corks and felts assist with the application of rub-on, paste/cream, liquid, powder and grip waxes. Felt absorbs the liquid and powders and helps evenly spread out the wax. Synthetic and natural corks assist with spreading out waxes and provide friction heat to help push the wax into the bases for better saturation.
Snow Analysis
You cannot choose the optimal wax without knowing the snow temperature and characteristics of the snow the ski or snowboard will be gliding on. Maplus analysis tools are preferred by top level techs to evaluate snow condition, temperature and air humidity prior to making waxing decisions.
Wax Kits
Glide and grip wax kits for skis and snowboards offer great values by combining quality waxes with quality tools and supplies.
Waxing Supplies
Lint free towels and fiberlene are useful to help assure clean bases, can be used between iron and base to absorb excess wax and offer protection. Teflon sheets also protect bases while ironing thin waxes such as liquids and sprays while providing a nice sliding surface. Fiberlene can also be used for final polishing of bases after waxing and scraping.

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