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Files are the traditional cutting tools for establishing edge geometry (bevel angles). Additional, panzer and coarse files are a must have for base repair and flattening tasks. To enable the sharpening and polishing of side edges, a panzer or course file in a 5 or 7 degree guide can be used as a sidewall cutter for back filing. Once the edge geometry has been established with ski files, keep them sharp and polished with stones or diamonds.
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SlideWright High Edge File Base Flattener Bottom
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Toko or Tools4Boards Panzer/Curved/Radial Tooth 300mm/12In File

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Toko Base File Radial 100 mm

List Price: $15.00

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Maplus ProRS IceCut file no-chrome 100mm-coarse cut (10Z/cm)
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List Price: $28.00

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Chrome File 8"/200mm - Bastard Cut

List Price: $25.89

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