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Diamond stones (aka diamond files) are the best option to maintain ski and snowboard edges due to their ability to cut and polish the edge for a smoother, sharp edge. Ease of use, can cut or polish in any direction, long life, and very forgiving since they remove less metal than a file and, diamonds are a must have for any tuner.

The heart of the diamond 'quiver' is the 200 and 400 grit diamonds for sharpening and polishing. A 100 grit diamond can be used for establishing edge geometry versus a fine file, while the finer grits can provide that extra level of smoothness for the more demanding. The flexible backings and unique moon shaped pattern of the Diaface Moonflexes are very popular. A rigid, durable backed, Tools4Boards Hone Diamond stone offers desirable feel and feedback for some and replaceable diamond strips.

NEW! Tools4Boards single-sided PUCK and double-sided PUCK DUO diamond discs feature premium Swiss-made diamond sheet mounted on exceptionally flat precision die-cast aluminum alloy backer. Polishing and deburring ability of a stone combined with the cutting ability of a file. Perfect for touching up edges and removing burrs on-hill or to smooth and polish edges after filing.

Extra thick 7/32" (5.5mm) PUCK backer dampens vibration providing superior feel and will not flex or roll over dulling the cutting surface of the ski or snowboard edge.

Color-coded diamond sheet makes it easy to select the proper grit

  • Black = 100 x-coarse
  • Red = 200 coarse
  • Yellow = 400 medium
  • White = 800 fine
  • Blue = 1500 x-fine


Unique diamond cluster pattern lasts longer than conventional diamond sheet and is easier to clean. Available replacement PUCK Diamond Sheet fits all PUCK backers, simply peel worn diamond sheet from backer, position and stick replacement sheet in its place.

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Tools4Boards PUCK Swiss Diamond Stone Disc 100 Grit X-Coarse

List Price: $39.98

You save $3.19
Tools4Boards PUCK Swiss Diamond Stone Disc 200 Grit Coarse

List Price: $34.51

You save $1.02
Tools4Boards PUCK Swiss Diamond DUO Stone Disc 200 Coarse/400 Medium

List Price: $52.89

You save $3.10
Diaface Moonflex 400 grit, 100mm

List Price: $32.16

You save $2.22
Diaface Moonflex 200 grit, 100mm

List Price: $32.16

You save $2.22
Diaface Moonflex 100 grit, 100mm

List Price: $32.16

You save $2.22
Diaface Moonflex 600 grit, 100mm

List Price: $32.16

You save $2.22
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