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Dedicated Edge Guides
Establish and maintain ski and snowboard edge geometry with dedicated edge guides that provide easy and quick edge cutting, sharpening and polishing control.
Multi-Angle Edge Guides
Every tuning kit needs at least one highly versatile multi-angle guide to perform a multitude of tasks like edge beveling and measuring.
Side Wall Planers and Cutters
While sharpening and polishing side edges and in order to cut the metal side edge only, the sidewall material needs to be planed or back-filed.
Diamond Stones and Files

Diamond stones (aka diamond files) are the best option to maintain ski and snowboard edges due to their ability to cut and polish the edge for a smoother, sharp edge.

Sharpening and Polishing Stones
Natural or synthetic stones, coupled with gummi are an alternative diamond stones for sharpening and polishing ski and snowboard edges.
Edge and Base Files
Files are the traditional cutting tools for establishing edge geometry (bevel angles). Additional, panzer and coarse files are a must have for base repair and flattening tasks.
Edge Tool Supplies
Keep your ski and snowboard edge tools clean and lubricated to maximize performance, increase life span and minimize time.

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