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Uncertainty related to COVID. Due to the pandemic, proposed restrictions and other factors, we are keeping our inventory low, but able to order most anything, given enough time , support from our customers and the item(s) are available from our suppliers. If an item is not in stock, please go ahead and back order the item(s). We will let you know when we should receive the item (s). If it is unavailable from our supplier, we will provide a refund. Patience and understanding will be required by all as we safely navigate this pandemic. PLEASE! Stay safe and respectful of others!

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Whether you lost a screw, adding shims, have a tear out or want to swap bindings between multiple skis, we have any array of options to help you do it yourself.

Please note it is impossible for us be on top of every screw head type, length, shims, cants, rail system, and nuances for every binding and situation. Generally, we cannot afford the time required to field numerous questions related to binding screws. So please try to resolve screw issues prior to calling or emailing.

Measuring for Binding Screws, Drill Bits and Taps

The Binding Freedom machine screw chart by Binding Type

Binding Freedom Available Screw Size Chart

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» Ski Binding Screws, Inserts & Plugs
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Binding Freedom SS Pozi M5 350 Piece Screw Kit-25 ea of 14 Sizes
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Binding Freedom SS Pozi M5 Screws-10 packs
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Binding Freedom SS Pozi M5 Screws-singles
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Snoli 12 AB Alpine Binding Screw Tap-Threadcutter
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Binding Freedom Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts
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