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» Ski & Snowboard
An array of ski and snowboard tools for DIY base repair, flattening and structuring, and tuning for the novice to the professional.
Carve on smooth, sharply honed and accurately beveled edges with our guides, stones, files and side wall planers.

Well waxed skis and snowboards turn and glide better from the novice, to the racer as well as in the backcountry and skate track.


For those interested in mounting their own ski bindings, we offer a wide variety of supplies, tools and fasteners.

Happy feet make for happy days riding your boards. Customize and improve your boot fit with an array of pads, lifts, wedges and shims.
Bench & Shop
Vises, tools and supplies for every tuner's shop, bench or tuning kit, along with general ski and snowboard maintenance tasks.
Ski & Snowboard Accessories
Accessories for the shop and while out enjoying the snow on your tuned skis and snowboards.

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Ski & Snowboard Tuning Overview