Putting Your Boards to Bed :-(


What’s the recommended storage wax and a good procedure to prepare skis & snowboards for storage after the season?

At the end of the season or for extended periods of no use, it’s good practice to make sure your bases are covered with hydrocarbon (storage) wax to protect and seal the bases and edges. With either liquid/spray or hot waxed solids, leave unscraped to avoid drying them out and rusting the edges.

Any straight (no additives like fluoros) paraffin/hydrocarbon wax will serve the purpose of sealing bases and edges to properly put your skis into Summer hibernation. Conventional wisdom suggests a soft wax is best since it’s easier to scrape off next season. By applying a medium or universal temperature wax, you might save some effort, material, steps and time preparing next season since it is possible you can just scrape brush and go, versus scraping, brushing and reapplying, scraping and brushing the same medium or universal temperature wax next season.

First clean the base with Maplus liquid detergent Clean or Flouro clean, Kwik Citra Kleen or KUU BioCitron (Clean should be used to remove traces of paraffin, Fluoro clean should be used to remove fluorinated wax if previously applied). Make sure any rust is removed from the edges. Then use an iron to apply a solid or liquid wax like Maplus Racing Base or Universal or Universal Hot. Many prefer hot scraping versus base cleaners to insure the base is completely clean, you may scrape the wax off when still warm, then re-apply the same wax again. The trick on the final wax application is to not scrape any wax off until next season when you are ready to hit the slopes again. This “travel wax” seals and protects the base from any damage during transport and storage. It’s OK to place skis together with the bases facing each other using Maplus straps. Skis and boards, like bears prefer to hibernate in a cool, dark and dry place….and dry of the powder days, tours, turns and stellar days ahead.

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