Toko Alpine, Nordic, Snowboard, Telemark and Backcountry Wax and Tools offers a superb combination of simplicity and performance. The Express Wax line is made up of liquid, paste, and rub-on waxes to satisfy the recreational skier who wants to keep the boards running and preserve his bases. The paraffin based waxes (iron-on) consist of just three colors designating appropriate snow conditions (Yellow, Red, and Blue).

Toko Racing Wax Chart 2013-14             

Toko Racing Wax Chart          Toko Wax & Tuning Manual

The wax chart recommends the right wax mixture for the conditions. As a special tip, there are a number of alternatives that have often proved to be the fast option compared to the standard recommendation in the Alpine and Nordic World Cup. The products can be mixed together as required and matched exactly to the prevailing snow conditions. There are 3 further special products that can be mixed in as well: Black, AX134 and X-Cold Powder. Check out the Toko Waxing and Tuning manual for excellent tips and more discussion on waxing

Despite this simplicity, Toko waxes are relied on heavily at World Cup and Olympic events by ski powerhouse countries such as Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Finland, and the United States. The Toko Tools cater to the demands of the skier and snowboarder. Toko offers value priced edge tuning tools as well as tuning tools of the highest precision.

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Toko Scraper Sharpener World Cup Pro 110V
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Toko Plexiblade 5 mm
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Toko Red Creek Roto Brush Brass 10 mm
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Toko Red Creek Roto Brush Grey Nylon 4 mm
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Toko Red Creek Roto Brush Black Nylon 10 mm
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Toko Red Creek Roto Brush Horsehair 6 mm
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Toko Red Creek Single Axle 100mm Rotary Brush Handle
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Toko or Tools4Boards Panzer/Curved/Radial Tooth 300mm/12In File
Toko T8 Wax Iron 800W 120V
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Toko T14 Digital Wax Iron 1200W 120V
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Toko Steel Scraper Blade
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Toko Base File Radial 100 mm
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