Every tuning kit needs at least one highly versatile multi-angle guide to perform a multitude of tasks. With the ability to adjust to many angles, a multi-tool can be a very economical option for the home tuner to measure, cut, polish and maintain ski and snowboard edges for maximum performance. They are also more compact than multiple tools while traveling.

As an edge angle measuring device, run a Sharpie or other marker along an edge section to leave a thin ink film. Set the guide to an angle close to the bevel. With a stone in the tool, run it down the edge with a pass or two. If the ink comes off evenly you have a match. For side edge bevels, if the ink comes off more near the side wall for side edges, the angle is set too acute or high. If it comes off more near the edge corner, then the angle is less acute or too low. For base edge bevels, more ink off near the base material indicates it's set too flat or low. More near the corner, the angle is set too high. Adjust the angle setting until you have a match.

Aside form edge work, a multi-tool can be used with a panzer or coarse file set at 5 to 7° for side wall cutting (aka back filing).

In a addition, with the guide set to 90°, plexi scrapers can be sharpened to maintain a better scraper edge for scraping wax.

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