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Binding Freedom's mission is simple: to provide top-quality tools and products for skiers who want to get the most out of their ski and binding equipment. Check our our full listing of Binding Freedom products including stainless steel ski binding inserts and binding tools designed to help you make your favorite skis last longer.

Stainless steel ski binding inserts help you decrease the costs of multipe ski and binding purchase and to make your ski bindings truly interchangeable. Now you can remove, install, swap, and adjust your ski bindings just like snowboarders have been doing for years! Adding more than one set of ski inserts allow you to use alpine and backcountry or tele bindings on the same set of skis. Installing the same hole pattern on multiple skis allows you to purchase fewer bindings to work with more than one pair of skis. For traveling, nested skis with one set of bindings (that can be removed) take up far less volume in skis bags saving additional travel costs. The combinations are endless with Binding Freedom inserts and our installation tools and supplies.

Binding Freedom began in 2007 when Jon wanted a new pair of skis but didn't want to pay for another pair of bindings. He wondered: shouldn't skis use the same simple threaded inserts that snowboards have used for years? He conceived, designed and tested the threaded ski binding insert based on extensive discussions on an internet ski forum and trial runs on the mountain.  Save money and your ski gear by installing these intuitive ski binding inserts on your favorite pair of skis.

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