Ski Binding Templates Thanks to Powderguide



Note: Due to server issues the Powder Guide links are currently unreliable, Knut Pohl has graciously set up


This Google Drive for Ski Binding Templates, here.

How’s your German? Knut from and Forum has been producing ski binding templates for a number of years. His list is pasted below. Check out their site for other information and thank him for his efforts.

It is highly recommended that you practice by drilling and mounting using old skis or a scrap wood board before drilling your skis. This also can help you confirm the templates are accurate. See a ski binding pro for proper release settings.

NEW! SlideWright Ski Binding Layout Tool are a more efficient and easier option than using Ski Binding Templates

SlideWright’s Ski Binding Layout Tool, G3 ION example

If you haven’t done so, please also check out the following topics before proceeding:

-Drilling Skis to Mount Bindings
-Finding Your Ski’s Centerline
-Paper Ski Binding Templates
-Drill and Tap Guides for Hand Drilling

Get yourself set up with Binding Mounting Tools, Screws, glues and supplies.

The SlideWright Ski Centerline Tool expedites the accurate locating of the ski centerline.

Quickly find your ski center line.