2014 & 2015 World Speed Ski Record Set on Briko-Maplus Wax

Tamtam Photo - Simone Origone recordman de la piste_1000_72dpiOn March 31st 2014, Simone Origone broke his 2006 World Speed Ski Record by skiing almost 100mph faster than a car traveling down the highway at 60mph! He reached 252.45kmh/157.87mph in the Italian Alps on Briko-Maplus race wax and super aerodynamic gear. Congratulations to Simone and Briko-Maplus waxes and technicians.

The waxes on his skis:

Briko-Maplus Racing Base: SM 40.60 World Cup Reserved
Briko-Maplus Fluoro Paraffin: HP3 Yellow2 (Race Choice) 80% + LP2 Green (Hardener) 20%
Briko-Maplus Perfluorinated Overlay: FP4 Hot-S Spray (Accelerator)

For a video of the 2014 World Speed Record:

2015 Speed Record: