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Metal Grip Wire-Per Meter

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Gouges and holes near edges and to the core require better bonding with heat actuated adhesives found in high quality metal grip due to their different material types (metals, wood, fiberglass, composite, etc) than UHMW (scintered) base material of performance skis and snowboards. It can be melted/welded alone or prior to covering with welding wire or ptex candles for final base finishing. Metal Grip is shipped in 1 meter coil increments and measures .138" (3.5mm).

A good thing to have in every DIYer's tuning kit. P-tex candles are a OK for temporary filling of gouges and nicks, but welds last much longer. Weld it yourself with our Pro Fix Base Repair iron, skill and care. Make sure you have a panzer file for easy and smooth cutting, a good stainless steel scraper, skiver or steel blade, along with sandpaper, and texture pad, cleaner and wax.

Combine items to reduce shipping charges. DO NOT WELD IN THE PRESENCE OF FLUORO WAXES Order by 1 Meter increments/5 meters maximum per order.
Product ID LK20902M
Manufacturer SVST
Price: $4.89
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