Look Pivots and Rossignol FKS Wide to Super Wide Brake options

Look Pivot super wide brakes and heel bases

You no longer have to bend the daylights out of your Look Pivot or Rossignol FKS brakes to ‘sort of’ fit your fat planks. Look is producing replacement Super Wide brakes (115-130mm) along with 72mm, 80-95mm and 100-115mm brake options for the forthcoming season. They come with the heel bases and forward pressure threaded tubes (which need to be removed). For some reason, these are supplied  and NOT mounting screws. Apparently, the Super Wide brakes will also be available with Pivot 18’s

You can either use the base and brakes with existing binding spring assemblies by unscrewing the supplied forward pressure tubes and then CAREFULLY screw on the existing tubes and heel piece. Due to the angles of the tubes and threaded wire/rods, it is possible to cross thread them, so take your time, especially if you plan on swapping them between other skis with various heel bases and brakes.

It’s possible to mount multiple Pivot/FKS heel bases directly to your skis with alpine binding screws or in stainless steel inserts and machine screws. Using inserts for the toes, you can then utilize one set of bindings and multiple heel bases with desired brake widths.

Note: Look is not giving these away, so carefully consider your needs before moving forward with new heel bases and brakes.