Intimidation Factor. Real or Not?

Are you overwhelmed and intimidated by overly precise expectations starting out and afraid to mess up big? At what level do you or do you want to learn to maintain, repair, wax, structure and giving some love to your boards? What amount of effort do you wish to employ? What level skier or rider are you? What level of results are acceptable for your personal needs & goals?

Leisure/Casual/Recreational-wants to protect their investment and do the basics only to keep it simple and fun.

Performance-recreational & pros, depending on priorities and other factors can range from the highest standards to allow for some ‘rationalized’ or acceptable ‘slop’, but still want very good performance and maintain gear.

Serious-racers, pros (makes a living on skis or snowboards) and performance-minded recreational, etc, where only the highest standards of tuning, waxing, repairs, tasks tools and supplies are considered and practiced.
I’m putting together a tuning kit and am confused with all of the choices for files, diamonds stones and guides. Where do I start and what should I buy?

Determining what capabilities or level of tuning you are after will help decide on tuning or other tools. What level tuner are you and want to be; Leisure/Casual, Performance or Serious?.