General Shop Setup Tips


Every home tuner needs a decent permanent or portable work area, ski and snowboard securing system and general shop tools and supplies to perform a variety of tasks.With a good set up that works for ones personal needs and budget, tuning, waxing and base prep tasks become easier, quicker and more enjoyable.

Good lighting, power, tunes, mess containment and storage are typical requirements. These are also typical requirements for anyone that needs or wants to also perform home improvement or maintenance tasks. Keeping that in mind while setting up your shop or work area can allow for year round, multi-purpose use. Others prefer a dedicated tuning area, while still others need more portability or easily storable options.

Acquiring an array of general tools and supplies is equally important to help the DIYer achieve desired results in less time and effort. In short, if you have a good shop or work area, you are more inclined to take care of your gear to maximize performance and useful life. This will continually save you money, time and effort….and increase enjoyment.