Fat Ski Straps for All-Mountain, Powder and Freeride Skis

sw_strap_elkAvoid splayed fat skis while schlepping your fat boards around or storing with our new fat ski straps. These straps will work for skis ranging from 100mm to over 160mm wide. If your shovels are wider, simply slide these straps down the ski until they do. These are great to carry in your pocket for those hike-to-terrain missions.

While strapping ski tips together Voile15-ski_thon your backcountry ski pack, these 2″ wide, durable straps will do the job just fine, but our 15″ Voile straps are the better option. The tried and true Voile straps are useful for any number of purposes including securing your bike to a rack, fix a busted ski pole strap, cinch a tent cord, you name it. Don’t head out without your ski straps, tie-downs or boat straps.