Tools4Boards PUCK Swiss Diamond DUO Stone Disc 100 X Coarse/200 Coarse

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Tools4Boards PUCK Swiss diamond disc 100 grit x-coarse may be used in place of a smooth (fine) finishing file.

Product ID T4BPUCK100/200
Manufacturer Tools4Boards

Double-sided Tools4Boards PUCK Swiss diamond DUO disc:

100 grit x-coarse may be used in place of a smooth (fine) finishing file.

Perfect deburring disc for removing case hardening from edges Caused by hitting rocks or grinding machines and ideal for de-tuning shovel and tail.

200 grit coarse is the perfect maintenance and deburring stone for sharp, smooth edges.

Typically used as a second stone in progression from x-coarse to x-fine grit.


Premium Swiss-Made diamond sheet mounted on exceptionally flat precision die-cast aluminum alloy backer.

Exactly the full diameter of each diamond surface contacts the ski or snowboard side edge when PUCK is aligned with the + symbols on any Tools4Boards Switch tool for optimal cutting and polishing efficiency.

PUCK may be hand-held, or quickly fastened to any file guide using a spring clamp and infinitely rotated to use the entire diamond surface.

PUCK is far easier to use than typical rectangular diamond stones as there is no need to angle the stone relative to the length of the edge. Now even novice tuners and kids are able to consistently achieve perfectly sharp and smooth edges.

Dimensions: 50mm diameter X 5.5mm thick

Color-coded diamond sheet makes it easy to select the proper grit

  • Black = 100 x-coarse
  • Red = 200 coarse
  • Yellow = 400 medium
  • White = 800 fine
  • Blue = 1500 x-fine


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