SVST Agent Orange Citrus Base Cleaner 6oz (177ml)

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100% biodegradable, this base cleaner dissolves wax with out leaving residue on the ski base surface. "AGENT ORANGE" is also 100% citrus extract, with emulsifiers added so it can be diluted with water for more economical use. You cannot buy a more efficient citrus base cleaner! 100% satisfaction guarantee. 6 oz/177ml w/sprayer. Packaging may vary.

Manufacturer SVST

AGENT ORANGE Citrus Base Cleaner dissolves wax, grease, and grime quickly and easily. For ski and snowboard bases, apply full strength-let cleaner soak for 1 minute and wipe with clean shop towel. For cleaning bicycle parts or shop tools and machinery, dilute 1:1 ratio.

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