SlideWright Threaded SS Insert Installation Tool

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Install your Threaded Stainless Steel Inserts with this  Shoulder screw and 3mm hex driver. Use the driver to install and remove 3mm socket binding screws the 3mm hex bit driver bit. The hex nut can be used as a jam nut to help with tool removal from the insert or insert removal.

Manufacturer SlideWright

NEW! Binding Freedom/Quiver Killer stainless steel insert installation tool.

Screw on the insert to the threaded tip, then rotate the knob to drive the insert into the tapped hole until the cap screw is flush and tight to the ski surface. While holding with finger or pliers on the cap nut, back out the tool.

Wipe off any epoxy. Reload and install the next insert.

M5 Thread works with both Binding Freedom and Quiver Killer stainless steel threaded inserts.

Here is a video on the basic drilling, tapping and dry mount installation steps on a test piece of hardwood:



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