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SlideWright High Edge File Base Flattener Bottom

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Manufacturer SlideWright

NOTE: SlideWright is now 3d Printing the File Flattener Planer Bodies in blue (not shown) along with producing the CNC'd bottoms in house. Back ordered Ski File Base Flatteners usually can be fulfilled within a week.


Finally! Due to a continual stream of requests for the out of production Ski Visions File Base Flattener, we secured permission from Ski Visions to fabricate a replacement option. Now you you can remove high edges on your ski and snowboard bases with this attachment. It is currently designed to attach to the planer top of the Ski Visions Base Flattener and Structuring tool. Simply remove the screw on the structuring tool and attach this new High Edge File Base Flattening bottom.

Due to a range of file thicknesses, we will ship the tool with (2) thicknesses of magnetic strips. You will then have (3) different thickness options to adjust the projection of the file below the bottom of the tool. Use the one installed, add the other or replace the installed strip with the additional strip. The strips are 60 mil/1/16"/1.65mm & 120 mil/1/8"/3.3mm.

You can either use files you own or order one from us along with a file brush to keep your files clean.

See our Tuning Tips with instructions and videos on how to use the SkiVisions File Base Flattener.

Notes regarding files and this tool:

  • Make sure the file teeth are orientated correctly to cut as you push the planer from tip to tail
  • Use sharp files and keep them clean. DO NOT FORCE the cuts. LET THE FILE DO THE CUTTING in multiple, thin passes. Take your time and recheck often with a backlit true bar.
  • Non-chrome files are less expensive and sharper than chrome files but wear out a lot sooner. If you only need limited edge filing, the non-chrome files are a good value
  • The chrome files we carry are ski and snowboard edge hardness specific
  • Clean files with a brass brush and/or file card
  • DON'T BACK DRAG FILES! Files are not saws. It'll dull them very quickly
  • If you've hit rocks and created sparks, the edges will be work hardened and trash your files. Use a stone on these sections first
  • A coarse or super coarse file is basically a mill bastard file and are tried and true edge files
  • A crosscut file is nice option vs bastard files and work well on base material and repairs.
  • A body/pansar/radial file is another option that also works well on bases and repairs
  • Due to variables between file thicknesses, CNC inaccuracies (currently +/- 0.5mm), wood and other subtleties, we'll be shipping the High Edge File Base Flattener bottoms with (2) thicknesses of magnet strips.
  • The slot is currently routed at 5mm to match the Ski Visions File Base Flattener bottoms and provide good purchase for the file. This is too deep with a 60 mil/1/16"/1.65mm magnetic strip for many files. 120 mil/1/8"/3.3mm are on their way and due 'Fridayish'.
  • The (2) strips will provide (3) thickness options by using the one installed, replacing it or stacking them. The adhesive is super strong and the strips could be reglued or use double sided tape. You could also micro manage thicknesses to your heart's desire by adding tape first or on the file.
  • The file slot can accommodate files up to 1 3/16"/30mm wide.
  • The Baltic Birch plywood is very sturdy and dimensionally stable with multiple plys. It is made with very strong glues. After sanding, (4) minimum coats of water based polyurethane is applied with sanding between dryed coats.

Here are replacement and other file options we carry.

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