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SlideWright Binding Layout Tools

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Tired of messing around with Ski Binding Templates and not finding Binding Jigs?

NEW! Quickly, easily and accurately mark binding hole with an awl using the new Slidewright Binding Layout Tool. Locate the Ski Centerline with one of the SlideWright Centering Tools, draw the Boot Sole Center Line @ desired mounting point, clamp this tool to the ski. Then mark the drill holes, punch, drill, tap & mount bindings.

Product ID SWBLT
Manufacturer SlideWright

NEW! Now includes Boot Sole Center clip to lock Toe & Heel components together at the Boot Sole Center. Also includes one translucent vellum 24"/60mm SlideWright Boot Sole Length & Centering Gauge. Order more as needed.

This tool can also be used to quickly see hole conflicts of previous binding mounts on skis or comparing with multiple mounts for Binding Freedom insert installations.

NOTE: We assume no responibility for your use of these and all tools. These layout tools are reproduced primarily from binding templates provided by others and various other checks & balances. Download the template for your binding, print, check scale (reprint as needed) & overlay your bindings to double check.

While every effort is made for them to be accurate, discrepancies and errors could exist. Use at your own risk and perform a test before drilling your skis! Please let us know if you discover any errors or discrepancies, along with improvemnt suggestions. These tools may evolve over time and look differnt than the images as we are continually look at ways to improve all of our tools and production procedures.

Quick Tips:

  • Measure at least thrice before drilling. You cannot double check your measurements too many times.
  • Measure Boot Soles Lengths and Boot Sole Center marks to confirm their accuracy.
  • For Boot Soles less than 290mm, place the tool ends on centerline & BSC one at time to mark Toe & Heel separately
  • For some topsheets, putting tape under the drill holes may assist with seeing the awl marks more clearly.
  • Use a grease pencil or erasable marker to circle the hole locations to assist with relocating marks after removing the tool
  • Hit the awl top with your palm or lightly tap with hammer or rubber mallet.
  • Use a hole punch or drill bit to enlarge the mark to keep the drill bit from walking.
  • Perform a test mount on a scrap piece of wood or older skis before drilling and mounting your skis.

Over time we intend to add additional binding layout tools. If there is one you would like us to provide, order Custom Request, put a note in the order and follow up email with a request and link to confirmed template for the binding you wish to mount. Allow at least one to two weeks for us to produce the requested binding layout tool. The more accurate information we receive, the quicker we can get new ones developed.

Misc Binding Notes:

  • Pivot/FKS, SPX, NX, Axial2, Axium & PX TOES all share the same pattern. For HEELS, Pivot/FKS share the same hole pattern while SPX, NX, Axial2, Axium & PX share their same hole pattern.
  • Marker Kingpin & Alpinist TOES share the same pattern & location. Marker Duke PT shares the same hole pattern, but shifted toward the tips 46mm. Marker Duke PT, Jester, Griffon & Squire HEELS share the same hole pattern & location.
  • ATK Layout Tool has multiple holes for Raider, R12 FreeTour & EVO, Kuluar LT Brake/Crest 8 & 10/R12 2.0 shown here.

Check out our tuning tips topics for further assistance:

Note: Like many of our tools, the Binding Layout Tools are made in house. If shown as not in stock, go ahead and order via our back order system to add to our production queue and we will get more printed. Usually this can be done in the same day or two.

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