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SlideWright Base Structure Disk

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Manufacturer SlideWright

NEW! Now you can add controlled base sanding for flattening and structuring capabilities to your SkiVisions Base Flattener & Structuring tool for optimal glide using the planer's clever & secure clamping system!

Included with the new SlideWright Base Structure Disk:

  • Sanding disk with slight flex for dealing with less than perfect bases
  • (12) PSA (adhesive backed) 5" orbital sander, silicon carbide sanding grits. (3) each Coarse/80x, Medium/150x & Fine/220x.
  • Our new hex tool for quicker swapping of SkiVisions Ruby Stones, steel blade & SlideWright Base Structure Disk

Combined with the Ruby Stones & Steel Blade you can quickly and easily keep new & older skis & snowboards running great by yourself for years. Making seasonal adjustments relative to changing snows will help you maximize the enjoyment while making turns and gliding.

Not only can you impart a simple linear structure, but cross hatching and any other patterns your creativity allows.

See our Tuning Tips on Base Repair, Prep, Flattening & Structuring for more information.

For example, from Mark Sewell, inventor of the SkiVisions Base Flattener & Structuring tool:

“Base Structuring Decisions
What is structure on a ski base? It is the process of roughening it to reduce surface tension. If your base is very smooth, surface tension, simply put, is suction from a lack of air between the base and the snow, which slows its glide. Very smooth bases tend to be very slow bases.
As a general rule, you want to use the coarsest structure to minimize surface tension because rougher surfaces have less surface tension. However, it isn’t that simple. New snow crystals are sharp and will dig into a coarse structure causing considerable drag. The rules need to be followed:
1. In new, cold snow the structure needs to be fine. The newer and colder the snow, the finer the structure.
2. As snow gets older, the crystal points start breaking down, so you can then go to a medium structure.
3. As snow goes through multiple freeze and thaw cycles the crystals lose their sharpness and so a coarse structure works best.
A simple rule to follow is to use medium stones in early and mid-winter, medium and coarse structures in late winter and early spring. If the medium structure is too coarse for very cold fresh snow, just de-structure with the steel blade. (See Tuning Routines)”

AND, don't stop at Skis & Snowboards, the Base Structure Discs and the SkiVisions Planer with steel blade can also be used for other projects requiring planing and sanding. Other sandpaper types can be used as well.

Residual wax will clog the sandpaper. Spray on Wax Remover and let soak for a minute or two & then place on paper towel to absorb the dissolved wax.

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