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Skivisions Ski File Base Flattener

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A powerful planing for flattening railed/edge high bases and finish base repairs.


  • Base Planer body & Wood File Holder Bottom w/embedded magnets
  • Non-Chrome Standard Cut Bastard File
  • (2) Thicknesses of Magnetic Strips/Shims
  • Brass File Brush


Product ID SKV-fileflat
Manufacturer SlideWright

NOTE: SlideWright is now 3d Printing the File Flattener Planer Bodies in blue (not shown) along with producing the CNC'd bottoms in house. Back ordered Ski File Base Flatteners usually can be fulfilled within a week.


The SlideWright High Edge File Base Flattener Bottom is also available to swap out the bottom of the SkiVisions Ski Base Flattener & Structuring Tool

The Ski File Base Flatteners v2.0 are now available with an upgraded wear and leveling bar that protects the tool! Order yours now!

The File Base Flattener is a powerful planing tool that uses a file to flatten concave snowboards and skis. It is a different application from the steel blade in the Base Flattener, the steel blade is for fine flattening work, the File Base Flattener's purpose is to cut through concave metal and plastic quickly. New boards and skis always have some concave sections; they must be flattened for the board or ski to function correctly. A base that is concave makes the board or ski grabby and hooky, not smooth. They make edge-to-edge transfers difficult and sticky. You cannot relax on a concave base; you always have to be prepared for its next bad surprise.

Includes 8" Standard Bastard Cut file for nice finishing and two magnetic strips for different file thicknesses. The magnetic strip and two surface magnets hold the file securely against the angled guide. The plane keeps the file flat and true for reliable base flattening and repairs.

The bottom is CNC'd and finished Baltic Birch plywood and laser printed by SlideWright.com.

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