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Ski Mender RP108 Cordless Base Repair Pistol

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New & Improved! Perform quick and easy base repairs with our new light duty base repair gun and 11mm (7/16") welding rods/sticks.

Product ID PA-SMRP108
Manufacturer Power Adhesives

Without Restrictions, now you can easily Perform quick and easy base repairs with our new Cordless light duty base repair gun and 12mm x 200mm (½″ x 8″) welding rods/sticks.

  • Connect to charged battery back and leave this lightweight welding gun in it's metal stand for 20-25 minutes for the 227 degree C (440 degree F) heating element to melt the welding rod.
  • First rough up and clean the repair area.
  • Use the pistol tip to preheat the base repair area.
  • Squeeze the trigger and the heated tip will extrude and smear the liquefied material into small gouges and repair areas.
  • Let cool, harden then remove excess with a panzer, body or coarse file, sharp scraper or skiver, followed by light sanding and fiber pad, for long lasting repairs. Note: some suggest let cool over night.
  • Additionally, use the fully heated tip as a soldering iron for metal grip or other repair materials. like repair ribbon, aside from the 11mm welding rods.
  • 110-240V & 20-400W(electronically self regulating)
  • See more info in our Tuning Tips/Bases.
  • Comes with (4) clear welding sticks, 100mm (3 13/16") long.
  • Order additional 11mm x 186mm Base Bonder Sticks, NOT 8mm ptex sticks.

Repair without restrictions using the RP108B
Introducing the new, cordless RP108B: a ski repair pistol that’s ideal for performing quick and reliable ski and snowboard base repairs – with no need for a mains electricity supply.

Completely portable
The battery-operated RP108B makes it easy to perform light ski and snowboard repairs. Cordless operation gives complete freedom of movement along the full length of the ski, with no risk of cables snagging during the repair process.

Multiple battery options
Designed to work with the Ryobi One+ 18V battery, the RP108B is also compatible with DeWalt® 18-20V, Makita®, Milwaukee® and Bosch® Professional 18V batteries when used with the relevant optional Badaptor battery adaptor.

Robust repairs
The trigger-controlled flow rate of the RP108B, along with the flat-head nozzle, makes it easy to dispense and iron the repair material into surface scratches and small gouges. For best results, use with the specially formulated skimender® base repair rods.

Easy operation
Easy to operate, the RP108B has a warm-up time of 15 - 20 minutes once loaded with a base repair rod. The pistol has a soft grip handle for optimum comfort during use, and the illuminated on/off switch allows it to be turned off to save battery power.

Check out the RP105 video in our Tuning Tips & Information section.

Available now via back order. Usually, we will receive them in a week after order is placed.

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