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Tools4Boards SWITCH ACE Base Bevel Guide 0.5° 1.5°

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Switch Ace ski and snowboard base bevel guide features a highly accurate stainless steel shim and one piece frame precision milled from a single block of aluminum for unprecedented accuracy, anodized to 15 microns for durability.

Product ID PT002
Manufacturer Tools4Boards

To change base edge bevel angle simply switch the shim position. Only the base edge is beveled (not the ski base) and the file or stone stops cutting when the desired angle is achieved. Place on base surface with plastic pads contacting the cutting surface of the edge to bevel the base edge at 5°, .75°, 1° or 1.5° using any Tools4Boards file or Hone diamond stone (sold separately). Replacement plastic pads also available but sold separately.


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