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SlideWright Skivisions Ruby Stone Diamond File-60 grit

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Re-sharpening the Ruby Stone Blades is very quick, very easy, but you need a good quality diamond file to do it properly.

This is the SlideWright diamond file. It is a very coarse 60 grit file used to aggressively re-dress the Ski Sharp stones and the Base Flattener Ruby Stone blades. PLUS the curved side is useful for deburring, along with base repair, side wall & top sheet repair clean up.

Product ID SWSVDIA60
Manufacturer SlideWright

To maximize its life DO NOT USE IT ON THE BASE FLATTENER STEEL BLADE AND DO NOT USE IT ON SKI OR SNOWBOARD EDGES, IT IS WAY TOO COARSE FOR EDGE WORK.  When the diamonds are worn out, the diamond file can be replaced on the handle.

Re-sharpen the Ruby Stone Blades under running water with a diamond file holding it very flat against the blade and rubbing it back and forth the entire length on the stone blade using equal pressure and strokes along the length.  Pay particular attention to the line markings on each side of the blade, they tell you which side to sharpen.  DO NOT SHARPEN THE EXPOSED GRIT SIDE, IF YOU DO THE GRIT WILL BE PERMANENTLY LOST.

It is also a good idea to check the flatness of the Ruby Stone Blade before and after sharpening.  Tilt the blade up on your true bar as shown in the picture then read the light band with strong background light between the true bar and the stone blade, if the stone blade is flat, the light band will be flat.  This technique is the same as reading your ski base with a true bar.  (See Using your true bar above).  You can also use the Base Flattener steel blade for this test if you don't have a true bar.

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