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SlideWright Dremel Tool Scraper Sharpener & Mini Table

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NEW! Turn your Dremel tool into a wax scraper sharpener and much more! Made of durable Carbon fiber infused PETG.

  • Secure your Dremel Tool to workbench, board or even wall mount with screws or clamp
  • Adjust Mini Table height for optimal sharpening, grinding or cutting height
  • Quickly, easily & safely straighten & sharpen wax scrapers to expedite wax scraping for optimal glide and ski or snowboard performance
  • Sharpen metal scrapers & Ski Visions steel bar with grinding stones or sanding barrels
  • Cut & grind screws and other items
  • Countless other uses
Select your preferred sharpener color.
Manufacturer SlideWright

Screw on the SlideWrigh Dremel Tool Collar to any Dremel tool that accepts screw-on attachments and has a Quick Change Chuck. Shims are provide to assure a solid fit.

The Mounting Base for the Dremel tool straps to the tool with a NEW! SlideWright Multi-Use Strap. You can either mount the base to a board, bench or other location before strapping or strap first and simply clamp the Dremel Tool to a bench or board.

Swapping bits can be done after mounting, but may be easier beforehand.

Drop on the Mini-Table and the SlideWright Jointer Shim and fence. Insert the 'bench dog' to secure the fence. Like a wood jointer or router table, the infeed side is lower than the outfeed side (set to the sharpening bit's top) to account for the cut. This assures a dead flat and straight scraper edge. Adjust the height so the outfeed side is flush with the top of the bit. The infeed side will be 0.5mm lower.

Depending on how dull or out of flat your scrapers are, multiple passes may be required. Before to feed the direction of the arrow and hold down or clamp the mini table while sharpening.

Don't throw away scrapers or waste time scraping with dull scrapers, sharpen them and get out the door.

Carbon Fiber infused PETG has the advantage of offering:

  • Higher Temperature and impact resistance like ABS plastic
  • Increased rigidity and strength
  • Long life and durability

Available in multiple color options.

Note: this is a new launch and initial production is underway. Shipping delays may occur.

For information, including a set up & use video, please see our tuning tips:

Convert a Dremel Tool into an Electric Scraper Sharpener


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