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Base Repair Tools
Save time and money, increase performance and maximize useful life of your boards by keeping your bases ready for action with our array of base repair tools.
Base Flattening Tools
Flat and true ski and snowboard bases are necessary for optimal performance. All edge tuning measurements are relative to a flat base. After repairs, a base flattener can assure flatness and can be used to reestablish, change or freshen base structure for optimal glide.
Base Structuring Tools
Preparing and maintaining your ski and snowboard base structure up to par and matching snow conditions is a necessary (and often overlooked) base preparation step to optimize your glide. Freeing the structure after waxing and scraping by brushing is also necessary. Beat everyone else to the powder and finish line by fine tuning your bases.
Base Repair Supplies
Base soles, Ptex candles for flame or gun, welding strips, and smearing machine wire for a few small nicks to major gouges and repair, and large volumes. Nylon texture pads, sandpaper, scrapers, fiberlene for cleaning.