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Prepping a Course Base Structure to Harvest Spring Corn in 10-15 minutes


On the bench prepping a course base structure to harvest spring corn in 10-15 minutes:

  • Wire roto brush to clean out bases
  • Ski Visions Structuring plane linear structure w/80 grit Silicon Carbide sandpaper on SlideWright Structure Disk or coarse SkiVisions ruby stone
  • 150 grit Silicon Carbide sandpaper on new Structure Disk to even out linear structure and to add cross hatch pattern
  • Steel scraper or Ski Visions steel blade to moderate structure, high spots or “plastic hairies” if needed or desired
  • KUU bio-Citron for topical clean after brushing
  • A hard base prep & protection wax and/ or graphite. Coarse snow will wear off softer spring waxes faster. Maplus Race Base Medium or LP2 (violet/purple), Purl Blue or All-Temp
  • Purl or Maplus LP2 Yellow or Orange (or combine red & yellow) butter for the wet corn

SlideWright Structure Disk


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