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Beast Base File Guides

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#1 Ski Base Edge Beveler in the World!

Our proven stainless steel and polycarbonate design is tremendously successful with ski tuning techs around the world. This uniquely designed ski base edger features angled side arms, a "tongue" file grip, and ergonomic finger rests, all allowing for efficient cutting and an easy, comfortable grip. The stainless steel floating elevation bar tilts the file or stone at a precise angle for easy set-up and maintenance of base edge bevels.

Why Base BEAST is #1

The polycarbonate used in the Base BEAST main frame is one of the toughest and most stable materials available and is used in many high tech applications, including eyeglass lenses, Blu-ray discs, and bulletproof shields.

The accuracy of the Base BEAST is assured by a patented design, which maintains the base angle with a precise stainless steel elevation bar set at the optimum distance from the ski edge.

This durability of material combined with an accurate, easy to use design makes Base BEAST the #1 selling base edge beveler in the World!


  • Precision Stainless Steel Elevation Bar
    Designed with the precise accuracy and gliding properties of a stainless steel elevation bar.
  • Swivel Elevation Bar Design
    Elevation bar swivels to always lie flat on the ski base for maximum accuracy and prevention of any possible base damage.
  • Polycarbonate Main Frame
    Constructed of durable, rigid polycarbonate for long life and is also soft enough to prevent edge damage, unlike metal frames that must rely on Delrin inserts that wear out easily.
  • Ergonomic Design
    Angled side arms for an efficient cutting angle, finger rests on side and tongue for an easy, comfortable grip.
  • Frame colors indicated base bevel
    Choice of 0.5° Orange, 0.75° Green, 1° Red, 1.5° Blue, and 2° Black

Technical Specs:


Recreational Skier Bevel Recommendations

Average Recreational Skier Hard Snow Soft Snow
Base Edge Bevel
Side Edge Bevel 1° - 3°
Advanced Recreational Skier    
Base Edge Bevel .5° - 1°
Side Edge Bevel 2° - 3° 1° - 2°

Ski Racer Bevel Recommendations

Junior Racer SL GS SG & DH
Base Edge Bevel .5° - 1°
Side Edge Bevel
World Class/Elite Racer      
Base Edge Bevel 0° - .5° 0° - .5° .5° - 1°
Side Edge Bevel 3° - 4° 3° - 4°

The differences listed are variable depending on the snow hardness, strength and skill of athlete and speed. A high level SL or GS skier is usually on ice and wants the base edge to be in immediate contact and the side edge to penetrate for better grip. A less experienced athlete will find these extreme bevels may hook up too quick and the edge penetrate too far and the combination can cause erratic performance and possible knee injury.


Product ID 19715
Manufacturer Beast Tuning Tools
List Price: $20.00

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